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Ranking every single Minecraft song (Alpha - Beta)

This is a list of every single Minecraft song ranked from best to least best (They are all really good). This list is based on my personal opinion and is subject to change as new songs are released.

I love all artists that have contributed to the Minecraft soundtrack and bought the Alpha and Beta albums on vinyl when they were released (Sadly the other albums were never released on vinyl) and own a lot of Lena Raine vinyls as well but keep in mind that there is most definitely a huge nostalgia factor in this list, even when I love newer songs too, older songs have way more nostalgia attached to them.

This also contains a few songs that were never released / removed from the game, but are official parts of the soundtrack.

Also, there is no order within the tiers, so the songs are not ranked within the tiers. (And even the tiers are quite blurry, I just needed a way to organize the songs.)

Note: I split this into two parts because my opinion about Alpha and Beta is too tainted (and there are way too many songs).

Click here for Alpha - Beta

Click here for 1.13 and above

Legendary Tier

Door (Alpha) - C418

Subwoofer Lullaby (Alpha) - C418

Aria Math (Beta) - C418

Haggstrom (Alpha) - C418

Mice on Venus (Alpha) - C418

Sweden (Alpha) - C418

Danny (Alpha) - C418

Alpha (Beta) - C418

Moog City 2 (Beta) - C418

Mutation (Beta) - C418

Beginning 2 (Beta) - C418

Strad (Beta) - C418

SS Tier

Minecraft (Alpha) - C418

Ballad of the Cats (Beta) - C418

Haunt Muskie (Beta) - C418

The End (Beta) - C418

Living Mice (Alpha) - C418

Wait (Beta) - C418

Floating Trees (Beta) - C418

Moog City (Alpha) - C418

Dead Voxel (Beta) - C418

Dreiton (Beta) - C418

Intro (Beta) - C418

S Tier

Taswell (Beta) - C418

Key (Alpha) - C418

Clark (Alpha) - C418 (Maybe SS?)

Cat (Alpha) - C418

Chirp (Beta) - C418

Dog (Alpha) - C418

A Tier

Wet Hands (Alpha) - C418

Biome Fest (Beta) - C418

Kyoto (Beta) - C418

Dry Hands (Alpha) - C418

Blind Sports (Beta) - C418

11 - C418

Thirteen (Alpha) - C418

Probably inspired like 90% of all Minecraft creepypastas together with 11.

Beginning (Alpha) - C418

Warmth (Beta) - C418

Far (Beta) - C418

Stal Tier

Stal (Beta) - C418

B Tier

Mellohi (Beta) - C418

Concrete Halls (Beta) - C418

Equinoxe (Alpha) - C418

Blocks (Beta) - C418

Mall (Beta) - C418

Oxygen (Alpha) - C418

Flake (Beta) - C418

Eleven (Beta) - C418

B- Tier

Ki (Beta) - C418

Chris (Alpha) - C418

Ward (Beta) - C418

C Tier

Excuse (Alpha) - C418

Droopy Likes Ricochet (Alpha) - C418


Calm 4 - Hatsune Miku

Droopy Likes Your Face (Alpha) - C418

Death (Alpha) - C418


There is no bad Minecraft song. Fool.