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Ranking every single Minecraft song (1.13 - 1.21)

This is a list of every single Minecraft song ranked from best to least best (They are all really good). This list is based on my personal opinion and is subject to change as new songs are released.

I love all artists that have contributed to the Minecraft soundtrack and bought the Alpha and Beta albums on vinyl when they were released (Sadly the other albums were never released on vinyl) and own a lot of Lena Raine vinyls as well but keep in mind that there is most definitely a huge nostalgia factor in this list, even when I love newer songs too, older songs have way more nostalgia attached to them.

This also contains a few songs that were never released / removed from the game, but are official parts of the soundtrack.

Also, there is no order within the tiers, so the songs are not ranked within the tiers. (And even the tiers are quite blurry, I just needed a way to organize the songs.)

Note: I split this into two parts because my opinion about Alpha and Beta is too tainted (and there are way too many songs).

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Click here for 1.13 and above

Legendary Tier

Comforting Memories (Caves & Cliffs) - Kumi Tanioka

How did they manage to make me feel nostalgic with this one.

Dragon Fish (1.13) - C418

Otherside (Caves & Cliffs) - Lena Raine

This just feels like it was always a part of Minecraft.

Precipice (Tricky Trials) - Aaron Cherof

It fits perfectly into the theme of the update. I can imagine myself tackling the chambers while listening to this.

Pigstep (Nether Update) - Lena Raine

This song was the perfect first non-C418 song to be added to the game. It doesn’t try to imitate C418 and defined a new era of Minecraft music.

Aerie (Caves & Cliffs) - Lena Raine


I love Minecraft quasi-lore additions. I’m really glad that they were willing to add more “lore” to the game. There is so much mystery in this music disc.

Creator (Tricky Trials) - Lena Raine

SS Tier

An Ordinary Day (Caves & Cliffs) - Kumi Tanioka

Infinite Amethyst (Caves & Cliffs) - Lena Raine

A Familiar Room (Trails & Tales) - Aaron Cherof

Rubedo (Nether Update) - Lena Raine

Komorebi (Tricky Trials) - Kumi Tanioka

Left to Bloom (Caves & Cliffs) - Lena Raine

One More Day (Caves & Cliffs) - Lena Raine

Deeper (Tricky Trials) - Lena Raine

Eld Uknown (Tricky Trials) - Lena Raine

S Tier

Stand Tall (Caves & Cliffs) - Lena Raine

Shuniji (1.13) - C418

So Below (Nether Update) - Lena Raine

Floating Dream (Caves & Cliffs) - Kumi Tanioka

Firebugs (The Wild Update) - Lena Raine

Relic (Trails & Tales) - Aaron Cherof

Puzzlebox (Tricky Trials) - Aaron Cherof

Labyrinthine (Caves & Cliffs) - Lena Raine

Echo in the Wind (Trails & Tales) - Aaron Cherof

Bromeliad (Trails & Tales) - Aaron Cherof

Endless (Tricky Trials) - Lena Raine

A Tier

Creator (Music Box Version) (Tricky Trials) - Lena Raine

Crescent Dunes (Trails & Tales) - Aaron Cherof

Wending (Caves & Cliffs) - Lena Raine


Watcher (Tricky Trials) - Aaron Cherof

Ancestry (Caves & Cliffs) - Lena Raine

Featherfall (Tricky Trials) - Aaron Cherof

Axolotl (1.13) - C418

Pokopoko (Tricky Trials) - Kumi Tanioka

B Tier

Yakusoku (Tricky Trials) - Kumi Tanioka

Chrysopoeia (Nether Update) - Lena Raine


There is no bad Minecraft song. Fool.